Player's Options: Humans


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Player's Options: Humans

Rare is the fantasy fiction that does not have a human element. Humans generally play the vessel through whose eyes we, human readers, can look upon foreign and spectacular worlds. From alternate history to flights of fancy, fantasy fiction uses humans or human-based creatures for narration and perspective.

Humans benefit from being unhinged. Just as we are the creature with the most freedom of choice and variety of behavior on Earth, fantasy humans are defined by their versatility, unpredictability, and adaptability. They are prejudiced against as a whole but accepted as individuals, for within every human in fantasy is the potential to admire and emulate the traits that the other races embody..

Presented here are several options for your human character, including two variant human races, over a dozen feats, a half-dozen flaws, and some common human weapons, and equipment, all designed to allow you to play a versatile, dominant human!

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