Player's Options: The Shinobi


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Player's Options: The Shinobi

The shinobi is a new 20-level base class for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game by Sean O'Connor.

A covert agent or mercenary who specializes in commando-style operations, a shinobi is a professional spy, thief, saboteur, and assassin. Using a variety of unconventional weapons and her rigorous training in Ninjutsu, a shinobi can handle a large variety of tasks capably. While the shinobi and their techniques began among peasants forming a covert resistance to the oppressive warrior caste, in time those same skills were soon available for hire to the very same warlords. Demand for the covert operatives' services grew, with the peasants using the wealth acquired to build their own family clans to pass on their secretive training and work together on larger missions.

It is impossible to say how many shinobi there are - a common saying is that "the best shinobi is the one that you never knew was even there."

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