Prepare for War: Basic Training

by Amora Game

Amora Game



Tags: Adventure fantasy Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition

Prepare for War: Basic Training

Start your war campaign from the beginning. Start at basic training.

Prepare for War: Basic Training is a zero level adventure designed to simulate the training of a fantasy military service. It takes the common PCs and sets them on the path to glory. Through the rigors of basic training in which they will have to run the obstacle course, train with weapons, train in armor, and maybe see a little combat action on the way.

In two weeks at Compound 13, they will be cut off from the daily life of a city, and placed into a routine of training that is to be expected of an elite unit.

This adventure is designed to be played with 4 zero level player characters and 1 game master. Don't know how to make a zero level character? Those rules are included as well.

This 42 page product contains 1 adventure with maps, NPC index, and player handouts. All it needs is you!