Psychic Class: Overlord


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Psychic Class: Overlord

Psychic Class: Overlord

Who’s the Boss? You’re the Boss! You’re the – Overlord!

The world of adventuring is one fraught with danger, mystery, and the unknown. There are some who feel the need to assume control, to take over, to direct the aimless wanderings of warriors and wizard to achieve, succeed, and conquer! Such is the Overlord, a martial class with the status of Importance, which boosts his might according to the level of domination or challenge at hand, and the powers of Command, manipulating allies and enemies to succeed or fail as he sees fit.

The Overlord is a 20-level class, new from Purple Duck Games, that will bring a fresh new dynamic to your tabletop RPG game, giving players lots of choice in the combat dynamic of their dungeon or wilderness exploration. This product comes with all the info you need to play an overlord, favored class bonuses for core races and select races of Porphyra, and a sample character to get you right into play!

“Buck Up!” “Look at me, Scum!” “Up and at ‘em!” “Hit ‘em hard!”

Start ordering your allies and enemies around today, get The Overlord from the bossy bohemians at Purple Duck Games, where our games are what you want!