Psychopomp Ushers of Porphyra


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Psychopomp Ushers of Porphyra

Psychopomp Ushers of Porphyra

Because I could not stop for Death, She kindly stopped for me…

Even in a world fractured by conflict over Deism and Elementalism, the bureaucracy of Death and the duties of Her functionaries goes on… the outsider race of psychopomps protecting and guiding the souls of the mortal departed to their judgement, and their reward in the afterlife, be it torture in Hell or bliss in Heaven. And to aid the Queen of the Underworld are the pantheon of Ushers, equivalent to Elysian or Demon Lords, holding portfolios of interest to mortals and the departed alike, and secretly upholding the desire for the Balance, away from the turbid views of Law, Chaos, Good and Evil.

Psychopomp Ushers of Porphyra from Purple Duck Games introduces Ereshkigal, the Pale Empress, and her assistant Ushers such as Anubis, patron to the pyramid-building anpur; Black Crow, comforter to victims, and the Blessed Guides, Hecate and Hermes, finding their niches in a crowded cosmogony.

Full deity-statistic pages for 8 Ushers, including domains, subdomains, and religion traits are included. And much more!

Faith traits for those that admire the Ushers of the dead

A new clerical domain, Neutrality, to balance good and evil, law and chaos; two subdomains, Balance and Indifference

The Neutral magic weapon quality

A new cabal for the brujo, cousin to the bokor of the Guedia Ushers, and a new psychopomp, the loa, from that faith

A fun new prestige class, the Transdimensional Eliminator, otherwise known as the ghost-sunderer! (Who ya gonna call?...)

Purple Duck Games’ Psychopomp Ushers of Porphyra continues the in-world development of the Porphyra campaign setting by providing even more detail of that fascinating and fractious place, for your own home campaign.

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