Puppets of Porphyra


Purple Duck Games

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Puppets of Porphyra

'Hulloo, hullay, Oh happy day!
Turn smile from grumpy frown!
Come one, come all, to the trumpet's call,
It's time for Puppet Town!'

All the folks in town came out of their cottages, castles and crofts, at the sound of the reedy tune that signaled the approach of Carlospenni's brightly painted wagon. What would Carlospenni bring? What would Carlospenni do? Would he have new puppets? Would he have new stories? Where had Carlospenni gone this time, what dangers had he faced? Oh, oh, there was the sound of the flute, Carlospenni and his friends were coming!

Puppets of Porphyra contains:

  • A new puppeteer prestige class that animates and controls puppet minions.
  • 7 magical puppets from Ayal's Avaricious Alligator to Punch and Judy Pair.
  • 2 cursed puppets and a new minor artifact.
  • Additional construction benefits and flaws for animated objects.
  • Two magic spells
  • Several sample puppets and a sample puppeteer NPC