Purple Duck Storeroom: Spell Components (Core)


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Purple Duck Storeroom: Spell Components (Core)

Purple Duck Storerooms are short pdfs of experimental material. Spell components have lost of their luster over the years. They are a forgotten piece of non-equipment due to one culprit--the spell component pouch.

Within these pages you will find a complete list of material spell components and spell focuses organized by spell level. This list is designed for players to use to add more description back into their game without having to reference the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook at the table, or for gamemasters who are mindful of the fact that spell components pouches do not contain things with specific costs nor things that wouldn’t fit into the pouch. It is also a handy list for obsessive compulsives who have not made their own list yet.

I hope you find this reference useful for your game.