Purple Mountain VII: Domain of the Hidden God


Purple Duck Games

Format: PDF

Purple Mountain VII: Domain of the Hidden God


Falling stars, meteorites, shards of dead worlds, the Patchwork Planet of Porphyra receives many things from the Realms Beyond, whether its people like it or not. Deep beneath the surface of Purple Mountain, the psychotic derro are agitated, strange cults are developing, and a Presence is there, sleeping, waiting to be woken.

Purple Mountain 7: Domain of the Hidden God is a tense dungeon crawl unlike any other... who knows what to expect in its steely halls once entry has been breached?

Including everything you need to play, GM and blank map, all monster entries, a new monster, spell and artifact, knowledge is the greatest prize- but can your players discover it and live?

Continuing the ongoing saga of the Purple Mountain megadungeon, at level VII, and more dangerous than ever.