Quests of Doom Volume 2 (5e)

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Quests of Doom Volume 2 (5e)

6 MORE Adventures for Fifth Edition Rules, First Edition Feel!

For Quests of Doom Volume 1, we brought in some of the biggest stars in adventure-writing history to produce 12 mind-bogglingly insidious adventures for Fifth Edition. This is Volume 2, containing six more explorations into “doom or glory” for your players. Once again, the all-star cast of authors delivers what we strive to give you: Adventures Worth Winning!

Quests of Doom Volume 2 contains 6 adventures in 100 pages, by Bill Webb (Of Ants & Men, Pit of Despair, Isle of Eliphaz), Matt Finch (Perils of Ghostwind Pass), Jim Ward (Dread Dragon Temple), and Michael Curtis (The Darkening of Namjan Forest).

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