Racial Ecologies: Living Dolls

by Fat Goblin Games

Fat Goblin Games



Racial Ecologies: Living Dolls

No one knows how or why some animated objects develop personalities, or why some objects spontaneously become sentient, but there is no question that it does happen, and in recent years it has increased in frequency. Some say that they are crafted by witches on Unholy nights, or the love and imagination of a child fills the toys with 'positive energy' and gives them all the properties of living creatures. Thus far, all attempts at determining the cause or recreating this unusual animation have turned up with nothing.

Racial Ecologies is line of racial supplements from Fat Goblin Games. Each one is richly detailed with information on unique racial histories, personaliies, physiology, and all the details on playing the race, including optional racial traits, character traits, feats, new equipment, and other material.