Racial Ecologies - The Otso

by Fat Goblin Games

Fat Goblin Games



Racial Ecologies - The Otso

Fat Goblin Games presents... Racial Ecologies - The Otso!

Racial Ecologies: Otso presents a new race perfect for any Fat Goblin Game setting, or your own Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. These new races are designed to emulate the style of the “Core Races“ as detailed in books like the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Advanced Race Guide.

Racial Ecologies: Otso aims to give players of these diminutive bear-like creatures immersive, world-neutral materials and support for almost any kind of play. Included are new and expanded options for alternate racial traits and subtypes, favored class options for all the base, core, hybrid, and occult classes, and racial archetypes. The book also has new racial rules for race equipment, feats, traits, magic items, spells, and more!

Check out all Otso features like...

  • Racial Traits like Otso Magic and Beguiling Liar!
  • The Stone of Verdant Allies and other Otso magical items!
  • New traits and feats exclusive to Otso!
  • Check out the Ponya Glider or Giant Squirrel mount!
  • Awesome racial rules regarding traps and using zip lines to glide through the trees!
  • Amazing Racial Archetypes like the Elemental Druid or the Garden Witch!
  • Check out the 38 different Favored Class Options!
  • Variant Otso Heritages like the Lumi, grey furred and feral or the adorable panda like Ponya!