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Random Acts of... Violence


Purple Duck Games

Format: PDF

Random Acts of... Violence

Random Acts of...Violence, first in our new line of PDF products, presents a GM with 100 different randomly generated acts of violence, from randomly hurled mugs in a tavern to the aftermath of a murder in an alleyway. In no case are stats for any NPCs given - no names are even given - and no weapon, spell or damage stats are included. This allows a GM to use the Random Acts of...Violence with many different game systems.

A GM can pick one of the acts from the list, usually picking one that will work best for the current situation, or she can roll d100 (d%) to randomly generate a true random act. Entire random encounters can be created by using the random acts table!

The Random Acts of... line is currently geared for the fantasy genre. Future installments of the series will be designed for super hero, sci-fi, and other genres.