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Random Encounters Remastered: Porphyra

Random Encounters Remastered: Porphyra

Random Encounters Remastered provides a detailed, comprehensive source for randomly generating unique encounters with a variety of interesting terrain features, NPCs and site-specific monsters. More than simply a bunch of tables, Random Encounters Remastered also presents rules, guidelines and advice for quickly creating interesting roleplaying and combat situations.

Random Encounters Remastered has until now striven to be setting-neutral. This time, we decided to try something a bit different by creating encounter tables appropriate for distinctive regions of Purple Duck's Porphyra Campaign Setting:

  • God-blasted Wastes: Scorned by divine forces for supporting the enemies of the gods, it harbors elemental beings and the ghosts of an godless past.
  • Haunted Sea: Cursed by necromantic forces and kept free by the efforts of desperate pirates.
  • Primeval Woodland: A highland forest as larger-than-life as the giants, fey, and beasts that roam it.
  • Spirit-Watched Country: Hills and plains vexed by undead, fey, and stranger things from the Astral and Ethereal Planes.
  • Tainted Estuary: A tropical coast polluted by evil, celebrated for mechanical marvels, and loomed over by dragons and aberrations.
  • Underdeep Ruins: Buried remnants of lands and nations literally crushed by the arrival of strange new gods and new lands, now haunted by the restless dead, aberrations, and patrols by underground races.

Although this book is designed to be used with Porphyra, the features of these regions are easy to adapt to other settings.

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