Rangers of Porphyra (PFRPG)


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Rangers of Porphyra (PFRPG)

There are those warriors that fight side-by-side with others, rank and file, serried for the maneuvers of war; or guards of places and things, heavily armed and armored for defense. Rangers go first, rangers often go alone, rangers protect without high stone walls, attack without the support of a phalanx, focusing their powers by knowing their environment, knowing their enemy, and using that knowledge to bring victory and achieve their goals. Travelers of the open places, the wildernesses, the lands on the fringe of civilization where a thinking being’s mettle is tested, rangers are fighters of independent mien, but at the same time, typically part of some organization charged with duties like scouting, protection, raiding and intelligence gathering. Rangers must always think on their feet.

Included in Rangers of Porphyra is:

  • Bullroarer, Greenrunner, Moon-Ranger, Purple Sage Rider, Space Ranger! archetypes
  • Two new pieces of equipment (arm-cannons, sap-drainer)
  • Three new plant companions (floating seaweed, rolling cactus, -ledosha)
  • Two new feats (subconscious reflexes, whip the bow)
  • Three new magic items (elfstones, reforged swords, seven-star herb pouch)
  • Five new spells
  • Sample character (Telcontira Istil the moon-ranger)