Samurai of Porphyra


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Samurai of Porphyra

Samurai of Porphyra

Samurai: Blademasters of the North!

The transplanted Lung people of the northern Lotus Blossom Steppes brought to Porphyra their idea of the pinnacle of martial prowess, the masters of blade, bow and horse, the honor-bound samurai- and discovered that the secretive saurians of nearby Jengu-na had similar traditions… Samurai of Porphyra explores these fascinating customs of martial achievement for your Porphyra campaign!

Purple Duck Games’ Samurai of Porphyra contains the following exciting options:

  • 8 new samurai archetypes such as the mounted kyudojin, monk like yamabushi, and the troop-leading daimyo!
  • 4 new samurai orders: lotus, pack, peacock and the sinister shadow order!
  • 9 new feats for samurai
  • Several samurai-themed magic items and armor/weapon abilities, including four history-laden unique weapons and armor a sample NPC character, Ec’sa the saurian daimyo!

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