Secrets of the Planes: Planar Factions


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PDF / d20/OGL

Secrets of the Planes: Planar Factions

This 128-page book by Ari Marmell presents a dozen different planar factions ready for use in planar campaigns. Each Planar Faction includes the organization's overall makeup, its resources and base of operations, its history, its goals and methods, its internal laws and customs, and new game mechanics specific to that organization. And because each faction operates on multiple worlds, you can make them a driving force in your own setting, or use them as a means of introducing your PCs to planar adventuring.

The factions in this PDF are:

  • The Eternal Flame, an order devoted to rooting out all evil, yet hiding the most foul evil of all.
  • The Gur-Tannan, violent fanatics who have enslaved or destroyed whole worlds, in their quest to make their god the only god.
  • The Midnight Dawn, despised necromantic knights who protect the living by using the dead to battle evil.
  • The Mythmakers, who offer to make anyone a hero for the right price.
  • The Obsidian League, a multi-dimensional merchant's guild with sufficient riches to buy and sell whole nations.
  • The Poison Tide, a faction of undersea creatures who would see all the inhabitants of dry land, in all the worlds, swept beneath the rising waves.
  • The Silent Hand and the Risen Legion, a hidden cabal and a mercenary army who seek to forestall the Apocalypse itself.
  • The Steadfast Order of the Shapers of Earthen Splendor, a gentleman's secret society who seek mathematical precision in all things, and whose strange lore and magics suggest they?re well on their way to finding it.
  • The Twice-Born, who seek to reverse extinction itself.
  • The Twilight Empire, before whom all mundane thieves? guilds pale.
  • The Vault of Souls, a religious sect that believes in nothing more strongly than the sanctity of death, and hunt down all who have cheated the Reaper.
  • The Wild Hunt, a sportsman's club who will guide anyone on the hunt for any creature?no matter how rare, how dangerous, or how innocent.