Shadows over Vathak: Colonies - Silhouette of a Shadow

by Fat Goblin Games

Fat Goblin Games



Shadows over Vathak: Colonies - Silhouette of a Shadow

Welcome to the world of Shadows over Vathak, a realm where the abominations known as the Old Ones seek to destroy humanity. It is a world of darkness and despair, where even the light of the One True God is often corrupted and twisted to serve sinister ends. As players, you may be heroes representing a bright point of light in the encroaching shadows of evil or you might just be survivors, living day by day however you can, survival your only goal. In Vathak, even joy is mingled with the bitter ashes of despair and hopelessness.

Silhouette of a Shadow is a 1st level adventure for 4-6 PCs. The module takes place in and around the city of Skalan, located in the Colonies region of Vathak. More information about Vathak can be found in the Shadows over Vathak Campaign Guide. Additionally, the Player's Guide to the Colonies and the Colonies- Game Master's Guide provide additional information about the Colonies to help bring the adventure and the region to life. This adventure can also be easily ported to your favorite campaign world with little effort. It works best to place the adventure in a coastal large city.