Sidebar #17 - Fate and Fortune for Pathfinder

by Fat Goblin Games

Fat Goblin Games



Sidebar #17 - Fate and Fortune for Pathfinder

Sidebar #17 - Fate and Fortune!

Fate and Fortune are always at the forefront of both the players and adventurers minds and it is a wonder that there are not more systems for the Pathfinder Role Playing Game© that explores and evolves the concept to an actual rules system. This Sidebar explores that issue and resolves it in the idea of Hexed and Blessed characters. Prepare to enter a new and exciting world where your characters should take nothing for granted as chance plays a bigger role than ever in the game with Sidebar #17 - Fate and Fortune!

The Sidebar product line brings you an assortment of ideas, home brew rules, and various options from the talented pool of writers at Fat Goblin Games for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. These short and low priced products are perfect for Game Masters and Players who want to integrate unique new options to their games.