Sidebar #23 - More Hirelings and Followers!


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Sidebar #23 - More Hirelings and Followers!

Sidebar #23 - More Hirelings and Followers!

Last year Talor Hubler brought you Sidebar #7 - Hireling and Followers. You the gamer voted and what was one of the number one Sidebars of 2015? You guessed it.

So here for an encore is Sidebar #23 - More Hirelings and Followers for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

Expanding upon the hireling and follower rules Taylor presented in a previous Sidebar, I present even more hirelings and followers. These are rarer and more unusual and represent specialized talent that can’t be found just anywhere. It is recommended that GMs only allow these hirelings to be found in larger settlements, such as small cities, where specialized skills are more likely to be profitable. Player characters will need to pay the daily or monthly rate for these followers, even if they are on an extravagant level of cost of living (1000 gp/month).

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