Sidebar #30 - Skeleton Tricks

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Sidebar #30 - Skeleton Tricks

Sidebar #30 - Skeleton Tricks!

Skeletons are the most basic of undead: More sanitary than zombies, less dangerous than ghouls and wights, mostly only useful as part of an undead horde; razing a village without mercy or guarding an ancient miasma choked tomb.

Or are they? Because of the simplistic nature of a skeletons design, they can be modified in many subtle ways to make the optimal use of their bony frames, and their light forms make them very easy to put in places that you wouldn’t expect, making them even more versatile.

Make no bones about it, any aspiring necromancer would not want to pass up trying these skeletal modifications. Your enemies will hate them a Skeleton!

Enjoy the new feat known as Skeleton Tricks! This feat, coupled with skills and other feats from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game will breath new "death" into your skeletal minions!

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