Soulknives of Porphyra


Brand: Purple Duck Games

PDF / Pathfinder

Soulknives of Porphyra

Soulknives of Porphyra

Soulknives harness their psionic potential for forge weapons of war to wreck havoc or defend the weak and helpless. Soulknives of Porphyra contains:

  • Three new soulknife archetypes: Brutal Soul, Soulfang (of the Protean Lords - 12 variations), and the soullasher.
  • Each archetype has an array of new blade skills.
  • Favored class bonuses for the Fehr's Ethnology Complete races.
  • Sample Erkunae Soulfang NPC

The soulfang archetype makes use of information from Dreamscarred Press's Path of War. Path of War is referenced with permission but to get the most of this book you will need Path of War as well.

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