Steampunk Musha: The Explorer’s Guide to Rosuto-Shima

by Fat Goblin Games

Fat Goblin Games



Steampunk Musha: The Explorer’s Guide to Rosuto-Shima

Where Industrialization and Tradition Collide in an Asian-Inspired Fantasy Setting The Explorer’s Guide to Rosuto-Shima is a short guide to the lands and people of Rosuto-Shima, the fictional setting of Steampunk Musha. While not a complete setting, it offers a taste of the Steampunk Musha world and a few options for those interested in exploring “The Lost Island.”

Steampunk Musha is a campaign setting for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game of a land in conflict with itself, seeking balance. Ancient traditions developed in natural isolation from other cultures are put at odds with an industrial revolution imported by Outsiders from beyond the Sea. A war-torn land enjoys a cold-war’s peace as the rulers of a dozen city-states vie to reform a once golden empire to their liking; some choosing tradition and magic, while others choose science and technology, and others still stranger things. New lines are being drawn as the tense peace is tested time and again as even everyone becomes caught-up in the confluence of a land in the midst of a revolution.