The Northlands Saga 2 - Beyond the Wailing Mountains (S&W)

by Frog God Games

Frog God Games



The Northlands Saga 2 - Beyond the Wailing Mountains (S&W)

This series of adventures takes place in the frozen north, where men are men, beer is ale and monsters are, well, scary. Who has not loved the setting of the 13th Warrior or wished to relive the Frost Giant's Daughter by R.E. Howard? Heroes will fight evil in the cold lands, sail the treacherous ice filled seas where sea monsters swallow ships and crews and feast in fire-lit halls with Vikings! Planned as a series of 10 modules, this series will begin in January (appropriately, due to the cold). More information will be added as it becomes available. Written by Ken Spencer, this series is sure to send shivers up even the bravest adventurer's spine!

2 - Beyond the Wailing Mountains

The story begun in Vengeance of the Long Serpent continues. The heroes have defeated the Children of Althunak, but the fell god's evil fane survives. Strange beasts, dark magics, and unholy cold await in the lands Beyond the Wailing Mountains.