The Grey Citadel (d20)

by Frog God Games

Frog God Games



The Grey Citadel (d20)

Adventures in the Grey Citadel of Dun Eamon

The whispered worries grow more fanciful and terrifying by the day... where has the loremistress gone?... what's wrong with the master smith?... who-or what-stalks the marketplace?... The questions need answers, and heroes are needed to do the asking! But the only thing worse than what hunts the mist-shrouded streets is what lies beneath them...

The Grey Citadel is a mini-campaign setting, describing the Eamonvale region, its rulers and its capital city in detail and provides a city-based investigation and dungeon exploration adventure designed for 4 or more characters of at least 5th level. The heroes come to the aid of a community troubled by fearsome creatures, a string of strange burglaries and an unexplained disappearance. Unfortunately, finding the connection is just the easy part...