The Hall of the Rainbow Mage

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The Hall of the Rainbow Mage

The Hall of the Rainbow Mage

While investigating the disappearance of Londar Brightrain, known as the Rainbow Mage, the party comes across dark, twisted plans and deadly secrets. Do your players dare travel to his looted home and risk entering his tower? Can they find the Rainbow Mage, or his hidden treasures and powerful spells? Will they discover the secret behind Horgrim's Pyramid and locate the forgotten temple that may hold the key to a terrible mystery?

Designed for 4 to 6 characters for the 7th to 9th level and published under the d20 system, the Hall of the Rainbow Mage challenges adventurers to solve a mystery that combines deadly dungeons with political intrigue, leading them from the village of Hampton Hill to a wizard's tower with hidden laboratories, and eventually to an ancient temple. Includes numerous town, wilderness, and dungeon maps as well as new monsters, spells, magic items, and metamagic feats!