The Lost City of Barakus (d20)

by Frog God Games

Frog God Games



The Lost City of Barakus (d20)

An Epic introductory location-based adventure for character levels 1-5, revised for the 3.0 rules system. This huge adventure provides months of gaming material. The book details a complete city, the wilderness surrounding it, and a huge, 5-level dungeon from a long-forgotten civilization. Dozens of minor quests and puzzles are used to distract and entertain adventurers while the main storyline builds to a crescendo. This adventure and sourcebook contains over 30 highly detailed side quests that take place in the wilderness and city, and the dungeon itself contains over 200 numbered encounter areas. Players can attempt to stop the city beggars from being sold as slaves, face bandits in the wilderness, expose the corruption of a noble family, and destroy an ancient evil that caused the downfall of the lost civilization. Written by industry renowned authors WDB Kenower and Bill Webb, this adventure is the perfect way to begin a new campaign, or to continue an existing one. This book includes a large fold out map.

2004 Gold ENnie Award Winner: Best Adventure