The Mother of All Encounter Tables (d20)


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The Mother of All Encounter Tables (d20)

One Table to Rule Them All!
The Mother of All Encounter Tables is here! This utility is unlike any before conceived! This is not just a random book of tables, but a well thought out DM utility that will make wilderness travel, city streets and dungeon corridors all more interesting. It contains encounters for each terrain type from mountains to the ocean, in each climate from arctic to tropical, and has separate tables for day and night encounters. Also factored in are relative rarities of individual encounters, with space left for the DM to insert new monsters of his choosing. In addition to encounters with monsters and men, there are tables for unusual weather events, strange occurrences, accidents, and encounters with NPCs. Trade routes and caravans are detailed as well as trolls and dragons. After all, you never know when ants will infest your food, or when the cleric will get struck by lightning!

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