The Vault of Larin Karr


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The Vault of Larin Karr

The Vault of Larin Karr

Deep beneath a peaceful valley lies the vault of the legendary drow adventurer Larin Karr. Rumors claim that Larin Karr vanished long ago, but his vast treasure acquired from years of plundering hordes in the Underdark still remains. Can you find and loot the impenetrable vault?

The Vault of Larin Karr details Quail Valley, its residents and monsters, and the twisting tunnels of the Underdark that stretch beneath it. The Vault of Larin Karr takes PCs from 4th to 9th level on a variety of exciting adventures - battling dragons, finding a missing statue for a band of renegade elves, saving the village of Pembrose from scheming hobgoblins, and exploring the Underdark and its many dungeons including the legendary Vault itself! Contains new monsters and magic items!

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