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The Walking Dead (TV): Construction Sets - Prison Catwalk


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The Walking Dead (TV): Construction Sets - Prison Catwalk


McFarlane Toys is bringing a revolutionary evolution in brick building toys that allows collectors and fans to literally build their favorite scenes with these highly detailed and realistic construction line. Each set brings immaculate detail, iconic environments, and convincing sculpts, all at an unpredicted size. Add multiple characters to your scenes, combine builds, or just enjoy your awesome creations on its own.

Seeking refuge in a nearby prison, the Atlanta survivors find a sense of hope and safety within its cell blocks and away from the hordes of Walkers lurking outside the fences. The survivors quickly discover that not even concrete and steel bars can protect them from the walking dead. Build your own safe-haven or walker warzone with the new AMC's The Walking Dead Prison Catwalk construction set!

Each construction set includes completely buildable prison catwalk environment with two sets of stairs, sliding cell block doors, and collapsible flooring. The set also includes an upper and lower prison cell complete with toilet, sink, cot with sheet, and table with character-themed accessories. Additional Upper and Lower Prison Cells (sold separately) can connect with the Prison Catwalk to create a larger prison cell block scene. Also contains fan-favorite Hershel figure with his trusty shotgun and a Feasting Walker figure, crouching down to devour its prey. The set, in total, is 368 pieces.