Tides of War: Volley Fire Teamwork Feats

by Flying Pincushion Games

Flying Pincushion Games



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Tides of War: Volley Fire Teamwork Feats

Tides of War: Volley Fire Teamwork Feats

Natural attributes are the natural gifts a character starts with and class is the path the character has chosen. In many ways feats are the last echo of a character's individuality.

Feats are the tricks up a character's sleeve. Feats can open up new forms of attack, alter the rules of a spell, or widen a character’s skill array.

The Tides of War product line is about expanding feat options. For every product there us a new path to explore be it a collection of similar themed individual feats or a cohesive feat line we bring you something interesting for $0.99.

Here we expand on massed archery options. More of a GM centric option though the option of creating a ranged teamwork focused player team is certainly an option. Bring the fear of Agincourt to your games.