TOME: A Whale of a Problem


Purple Duck Games

Format: PDF

TOME: A Whale of a Problem

In 2011, 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming released the Tome of Monsters for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game System. If there is one thing that I really love its monster books. That is why I worked with Stefen Styrsky and Tricky Owlbear Publishing to create Forgotten Foes. However, it seems that a lot of monsters that get created never make it into the games of our fellow gamemasters. The Tome of Monster Encounters (TOME, for sort) is our attempt to corrrect that problem.

TOME: A Whale of a Problem is a single encounter designed for use with thirteenth level player characters. It follows the same format as our Encounter Pages series and features:

  • An encounter for 13th level characters
  • Updated statistics for the abaia from the Tome of Monsters
  • Porphyran racial characteristics for fetchlings
  • Information to set this encounter within the Sea of Ithreia near the Barony of Thuthon