Trouble at Durbenford

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Trouble at Durbenford

Trouble at Durbenford

In the shadows of a great mountain range, on the shores of the cold waters of Rynas's Tears, lies the frontier city Durbenford, a community whose economy rests on its thriving lumber industry. However, something is in wrong in this idyllic community, something dark and sinister - something that requires heroes of skill and courage to face.

Trouble at Durbenford is a campaign sourcebook for characters from 8th to 14th level. This adventure features several multilevel dungeons, three fully detailed communities, and a rich and vibrant landscape that hides the secrets endangering Durbenford, the people and ultimately all of the lands. Intrigues, drugs, nefarious villains and a hatred nursed since the earliest days of history all combine to form an adventure promising months of exciting play!