Vathak Hauntings: Red Rose Manor

by Fat Goblin Games

Fat Goblin Games



Vathak Hauntings: Red Rose Manor

Red Rose Manor—the weeping, bloody manor—is the stately house of a long dead wizard and a string of former owners. Locally, it has become a storied site, a place for proving courage by staying close to it for as long as possible by older children. It is also a place of shunned fear for the adults and the very young.

Vathak Hauntings: Red Rose Manor is a supplement for Shadows over Vathak, especially those exploring the area of the Colonies. This product is a perfect supplement for any Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, especially horror. The Vathak Hauntings product line presents a collection of haunts with description of their history, purpose, ways to vanquish them, and more.