Vigilantes of Porphyra


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Vigilantes of Porphyra

Vigilantes of Porphyra

Secret Identities and Tantalizing Intrigue!

On the oft-oppressive Patchwork Planet of Porphyra, the overarching conflict between the Deists and the Elementalists frequently lets smug governments lay a heavy hand on the common folk. This situation can be remedied only by brave and charismatic vigilantes- who walk a tightrope of social commitment and nighttime action, though whether to champion justice, fill their pockets, or exact revenge, is up to the spin of the wheel of fate…

Vigilantes of Porphyra from Purple Duck Games showcases new options for that exciting new class to adventure on the Patchwork Planet, and includes such intriguing new material as:

  • Three new archetypes, the seagoing Dread Pirate, the enigmatic Shapeshifter, and the hilarious Mustached Mauler!
  • New feats for vigilantes to use
  • Lots of new social and vigilante talents to customize and empower your double-identitied daredevil!
  • A sample NPC vigilante character to put in your campaign!

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