Wandering Monster Deck: Dungeon (Dungeons & Dragons 5e)

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Tags: 5th Edition Cards Fantasy

Wandering Monster Deck: Dungeon (Dungeons & Dragons 5e)

The Wandering Monsters Deck: Dungeon (5E) is the perfect accessory to randomly generate interesting and appropriate monsters in your tabletop RPG games. This deck is meant to challenge your players and always keep things fun!

This deck includes:

  • 3-5 possible encounters in dungeons (5th Edition)
  • Adjustable encounters
  • Appropriate challenge ratings

This deck contains 52 cards, each with 3-5 possible encounters for dungeon environments for 5th Edition. The encounter can be chosen based on the appropriate challenge rating, or roll a die to leave the experience to chance. Save yourself hours of setup time and challenge your players with monsters you never thought to use!