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  1. Grimtooth's Tomb Of The Warhammer (Digest Size DCC Adventure)


    A Grimtooth adventure compatible with DCC RPG. Can you go where no troll dares to tread? Long ago, the elves killed Grimtooth's father in a great battle. They hid the troll leader's body and his mystic warhammer somewhere in the...
  2. The Wurst of Grimtooth's Traps (d20)


    Grimtooth the Troll-master trap builder and foe of delvers everywhere! The best of the seven-volume series of Grimtooth's Traps are collected here, with Grimtooth's blessing-fully converted and updated to the d20 system. If you want a book full of traps...
  3. Grimtooth's Ultimate Traps Collection

    from $39.99

    500 of the World's Greatest Traps! For any role-playing game. Five classic Grimtooth's Traps books collected in one massive volume, giving you over 500 engines of destruction, delver dicers, and player character crushers. Now remastered and with new art by...