(5E) Expanded Options #07 - Skill Specializations

by Fat Goblin Games

Fat Goblin Games



(5E) Expanded Options #07 - Skill Specializations

The Expanded Options product line brings you an assortment of ideas, homebrew rules, and various options from the talented pool of writers at Fat Goblin Games for use with the 5th Edition Fantasy Game. These short and low-priced products are perfect for Game Masters and Players who want to integrate unique new options to their games.

Fat Goblin Games Presents Expanded Options #07 – Skill Specialization

A facet of 5th Edition Fantasy is its ease of use and uncomplicated nature. However, some players wish for more variety, more diversity, and more overall options to represent their character’s abilities. One of the most common complaints and requests is for there to be more flexibility with skills. Once you’ve selected them for your class and background, there is little to no growth in skills for most 5th Edition Fantasy characters.

We hope to fix that with a simple addition to the rules. Proposed skill specializations would be tied to a skill, and represent a focus within that skill. In this way, a character can find small specializations to either bolster their current skill set or learn new tricks.

These simple rules cover all of the basic attributes and the skills associated with them as well as comprehensive guidelines as to how to gain and use these systems within your 5th Edition setting.