DNH5 - Carcosa - COMPLETE

by Fat Goblin Games

Fat Goblin Games



DNH5 - Carcosa - COMPLETE

Carcosa - The Complete Edition

(This version includes both the 5th Edition and OSR versions of Carcosa)

An adventure for 3 to 7 characters levels 12+.

Both Versions, 5th Edition and OSR!

Part Five in the popular Haunting of Hastur series by Dark Naga Adventures!

After defeating the second incursion of Hastur's cult under Castle Brytha in Meawold, preventing the kingdom from falling under his control, the party members find themselves drawn into Hastur's domain: Carcosa.

With twenty-four hours to escape before they become a permanent part of the domain, the party members must navigate the foreign land and find a way home. Four demon lords, three brothers, and the demonic seductress they all worship, control Carcosa. Perhaps one or more of them can be manipulated to help get the party home.

Included with DNH5 – Carcosa – The Complete Edition

The 5th edition adventure. 31 pages of in-depth information. Everything you need to run the adventure!

The OSR Adventure - 33 pages of awesome information! Everything you need to run the adventure!

The Map and Illustration Book. Don’t worry about taking apart your book! Use this book to show your characters examples of the amazing artwork contained in the adventure!