Dungeon Crawl #2

by Initiative One Games

Initiative One Games



Tags: adventure gm tools low-level old school osr OSRIC

Dungeon Crawl #2

Dungeon Crawl #2, Spring 2013


  • Editorial
  • Caverns of Temeluc Adventure by Wayne Rossi for low-level characters
  • What Trap Charts? Setting an Ambush by Wayne Rossi
  • The Steel Wheel: an OSR Item by David Przybyla
  • Ready Reference: Random Crypt Contents by Wayne Rossi
  • Ready Reference: Stranger Statues by Wayne Rossi
  • Ready Reference: Save vs. Death Ray! by Wayne Rossi
  • Daily OSR: Charts by Ivan Sorensen
  • Dark Age Dungeons: Gaming in Late Antiquity by Wayne Rossi
  • Obscure Gods by Wayne Rossi
  • Creature Feature: New Monsters by Wayne Rossi