Epic Legacy Player's Guide

by 2CGaming, LLC.

2CGaming, LLC.



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Epic Legacy Player's Guide


Character Classes

Prestige class progression from level 21 to 30 for all twelve base classes and archetypes (including those from the Dungeon Master's Guide and Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide). Each class features expands on themes from the base classes, as well as giving new defining abilities that bring the Epic feel to the game. Finally, the classes are meticulously balanced to counteract game-balance issues with high-level play found in the base game (looking at you, ranger).

Epic Feats

A panoply of new and staggeringly-powerful Epic feats for your characters, each including new game mechanics and story flavor.

Epic Spells

Rock the foundations of the planes with a tome of Epic spells for all spellcasting classes. Forty-Six Epic spells to inspire both Players and Dungeon Masters alike!