Plight of the Tuatha, Vol. 2: Vasily's Woe

by MÓR Games

MÓR Games



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Plight of the Tuatha, Vol. 2: Vasily's Woe

Plight of the Tuatha, Vol.2: Vasily's Woe

This ominous 101 page PDF adventure is written for the Pathfinder Roleplaying System and designed for 4 players with characters of 4th - 6th level. Filled with new monsters, magic items, and gruesome adversaries, Vasily's Woe will challenge most any group of adventurers. The Tuatha Elves are once again threatened by their ancient enemy the Fomoire and their soul eating god. New magic must be created in order to save the elves; a piece of which can only be found in the far off village of Innskittering.

This fog enshrouded town and its superstitious inhabitants hide a dark secret, one that has lasted for millennia… and a single choice of the village's magistrate has brought the village to the edge of ruin. Murderous marionettes skulking in the shadows, horrible wet noises emitting from the darkness, and hunters of the followers of ancient gods all come forth to challenge newcomers. All the while a ghost child wanders the landscape where she once lived.

Vasily's Woe will pit your players against fervent cultists, gruesome daemons, and mysterious constructs upon a foreboding backdrop. The new creatures, magic items, and gods introduced in this adventure include detailed backgrounds and histories which reveal some of the dark history of the Issian Peninsula.

This adventure is the second in the Plight of the Tuatha adventure path set in the Imperiums Campaign Setting. While it is designed to continue the story from Feast Hall of Ash and be continued with Dark Sails and Dark Words, this adventure can also be used by itself in any campaign setting. The villages of Safeharbor and Innskittering, along with their inhabitants, are detailed and laid out so that your PCs can visit them time and again while searching for further adventure.

This book features high quality art from professionals who have worked in the industry. The full color PDF also is fully bookmarked and incudes internal links to aid in navigation. In addition, NPC table tents have been included so that players can look into the face of their allies and adversaries while enabling you to keep track of the NPC's stats and motivations. Player maps are also included in the PDF version so that your players can see the areas that they explore.

Heed the call of Vasily's Woe and your players may just learn the depth of consequence their choices will hold.