Armor & Clothing Quick Generator

by Ennead Games

Ennead Games



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Armor & Clothing Quick Generator

When finding treasure, or describing an item a character is wearing, sometimes all you need to know is the condition, the material or what it is , or even a combination of all 3.

This quick generator gives you a one line description of a piece of armor or clothing, with a few accessories thrown in to help fill the gaps. The actual details of what these items look like or their value is up to you.

This generator does NOT create full details, but something quick and simple, after all sometimes you don't need full details about what those orcs are wearing or what you found in the Queens closet. You can use it to determine just the condition, the material or even just the piece of armor or clothing you have found, or any combination of the three.


  • 100 possible conditions - some good,some bad, others a mixture of the two
  • 100 materials - From the realistic, to the rare, to the downright odd and impractical
  • 100 armor/clothing pieces - Covering hats to gloves to dresses and more
  • 1,000,000 (more if the combination variations are used) possible combinations
  • 100 pre-generated examples, such as -
    • Antique gambeson
    • Marvelous fake fur trench coat
    • Velvet cape