Beyond the Firelight Deluxe: Goody Eleanor (Quick-Start Rules)

by Mystical Throne Entertainment

Mystical Throne Entertainment



Tags: Horror

Beyond the Firelight Deluxe: Goody Eleanor (Quick-Start Rules)

It might look safe during the day, but when night falls, you never know what lies beyond the firelight.

- Grand Inquisitor Steel

Beyond the Firelight is a tabletop roleplaying game (RPG) of historical horror. It gathers its influences from traditional folklore and stories that kept the people from straying off the moral path or going out at night. It can be a game of investigation or survival as you and your friends attempt to discover what lies beyond the darkness around you.

Beyond the Firelight Deluxe: Goody Eleanor is a set of quick-start rules designed to introduce the necessary mechanics to the players and get them quickly into a game. It includes:

  • The basic core mechanics
  • 6 pregenerated Personalities
  • An introductory Scenario placed in 17th century Massachusetts
  • Appendix of terminology and failure effects.

Beyond the Firelight is part of the fantasy horror alternate history known as Shadowed Earth. Players take on the roles of common folk, forced to face the horrors of the world.

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