Dwarf Settlement Namer

by Ennead Games

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Dwarf Settlement Namer

Coming up with names for a settlement can be hard. For the players, it is often their hometown or place of birth, but for the GMs it’s more than that – it’s the location NPCs call home and the hub of possible adventures.

But you can’t keep calling the place “the town” or “this city”. This is true for all races and cultures with some form of civilisation.

This product series has been designed to help you come up with names for various cultures, races/species etc. In particular, this one covers Dwarfs.

This name generator has two parts, one for the common tongue and another for a version of the dwarfish language.

They can be used together, to create a name and the translation, or individually for when you already have the name in one language and are stuck for what the translation might be.