Faerie Bargains (PF2)

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



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Faerie Bargains (PF2)

Be Careful What You Wish For!

The magic and mystery of the fey is on display in Faerie Bargains! From Rumpelstiltskin to Rapunzel, fairy tales, myths, and legends all over the world are replete with tales of bargains struck with the sublime and sometimes sinister magical creatures from the otherworld. Rule a land of youth, find true love that binds souls together, or whatever your heart’s desire all wrapped up in a promise and a price that seems but a trifle, until the bargain comes due and the fair folk come to collect. Faerie Bargains provides you a richly detailed system for using this classic fantasy trope in your Pathfinder Second Edition campaign. You can design your own faerie bargains or use one of the over 40 sample bargains provided, from earth's mercy and unseen assistants to woven wealth and silent metamorphoses! Each bargain grants a benefit once payment is made, of course, but you’ll also find rules for hidden conditions, escape clauses, tokens, and more, along with how to research and negotiate bargains with different kinds of fey and unique magical items you might obtain in a faerie bargain or make with fey assistance, like the cauldron of autumnal bounty and sword of vernal light. Whether your heroes want to trade their dreams for a secret of magic, a gift of blood for accursed mercy, or their identity itself for a shapechanger's insight, you’ll find an amazing array of mystical covenants that bring fantastic new flavor to the fey in your game! Grab this 36-page Pathfinder Second Edition accessory today and Make Your Game Legendary!