Haunted Eve - Guide to the Scribe's Marsh

by Samurai Sheepdog

Samurai Sheepdog



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Haunted Eve - Guide to the Scribe's Marsh

Halloween may be over, but there is no reason you can't keep enjoying it! Return to Eldura, where you can celebrate Haunted Eve all year long with this latest installment for Mystical: Kingdom of Monsters!

Recognized across the land as a festive introduction to the Fall season, Haunted Eve is a full 7 days of children dressed as heroes, villains, and monsters in hopes of garnering candy from locals that they can eat and share with their companions if they have them. It’s also a special occasion for monster trainers to capture some otherwise elusive monsters lingering in and around the region known as Scribe’s Marsh.

In this finalized, updated version of the Guide to the Scribe’s Marsh, we take you on an in depth journey into the region, its monsters, and the people who dare to call it their home. Detailed NPCs, including the local arena master Maurice, as well as a layout of the marsh, the town of Tenebros, and the outposts located where the roads lead into the area can be found; and, of course, monsters!