Legendary Mesmerists (Pathfinder 1e)

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



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Legendary Mesmerists (Pathfinder 1e)

Minds Frayed and Woven Anew

Legendary Mesmerists is the latest volume in our series of class expansions for Pathfinder RPG, focusing on the premiere manipulators and mind-warpers. Their harsh, piercing gaze is but one conduit for the occult potential of the Astral Plane, leading hapless victims on puppet strings with the wave of a hand and aweing friend and foe alike with sheer presence alone, leaving the world trembling under the weight of naught but words. Mesmerists spread their influence far and wide with tools from terror to madness, alongside impeccable fashion sense and elan. Sixteen spectacular hypnotic foci form the core of the Legendary Mesmerist, setting the tone for their mental mastery from fear and pain to magnificence and supremacy, or mastering hand, tool, or voice as the conduit of their power.  Each focus shapes their spell list and class features along a theme, so each Legendary Mesmerist plays very differently. Add to this an awesome array of alternate rules for both this new version of the class and the core Pathfinder mesmerist, including the Astral Host, Sympathetic Mesmerist, and Worldbraver archetypes, 14 fabulous feats like Passionate Focus, Fashion Dictator, and Rule the Rabble, as well as three dozen spells from prison of eyes and malice funnel to day of dreams and peerless propaganda! The Legendary Mesmerist is a dedicated spellcaster who will unleash a whole new level of mental mastery to your campaign. Grab this amazing 58-page Pathfinder Roleplaying Game class expansion today and Make Your Game Legendary!