Manastorm: World of Shin'ar NPC Codex

by Terran Empire Publishing

Terran Empire Publishing



Tags: 5th Edition Fantasy NPCs Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition

Manastorm: World of Shin'ar NPC Codex

Manastorm: World of Shin’ar is a new campaign setting that takes place on a planet in the Milky Way galaxy. Crowdfunded in 2016, it achieved it’s funding goal in less than 6 hours and made over 600% of that goal when done. At over 500 full-color pages, the book is full of information regarding the 16 new races and classes, new spells, feats, skills, and more. The ten expansive regions of Shin’ar boast some of the most diverse peoples you would ever come across.

Compiled in this Codex are 120 NPCs created as a stretch goal for Manastorm.