OSS: The Spy Game

by Dave Johnson Games

Dave Johnson Games



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OSS: The Spy Game

The OSS: The Spy Game! is a new espionage role playing game in the vein of the old 'TOP Secret' by TSR. You are asked to answer your countries call to duty! The Office of Strategic Services role playing game of modern espionage. The players take the role of Clandestine Para-military Officers who take the most dangerous jobs. The jobs of counter-terrorism. You are the first line of defense. Your enemies are many...

My modern RPG is a pencil and paper role-playing game, much like Top Secret.

'There's a war going on! It isn't the kind of war most of us are familiar with, but it's a war none-the-less. This isn't a war fought by armies, or tanks, or planes, or ships; it's a war fought by shadowy figures who walk the same streets we do, eat the same food, wear the same clothes. Your neighbor may be one of the combatants, or your teacher, or your best friend. Unless you're one of them, you'll never know' (Top Secret/SI Introduction).