Shadows over Vathak: Ina'oth - Echo of Plagues

by Fat Goblin Games

Fat Goblin Games



Shadows over Vathak: Ina'oth - Echo of Plagues

The Whispers of Countless Graves

Welcome to the world of Shadows over Vathak, a realm where the abominations known as the Old Ones seek to destroy humanity. It is a world of darkness and despair, where even the light of the One True God is often corrupted and twisted to serve sinister ends. As a GM your players could be heroes representing a bright point of light in the encroaching shadows of evil or they might just be survivors, getting by day by day however they can, survival their only goal. In Vathak, even joy is mingled with the bitter ashes of despair and hopelessness.

Echo of Plagues is a 1st level adventure for 4–6 characters and includes six pre-generated characters, ideal for introducing new players and GMs to Vathak and the plague-ravaged nation of Ina’oth. It explores the harsh realities of life in Ina’oth: mountain raiders, insular natives, and the ever-present threat of plague. You do not need the Gamemaster’s Guide to Ina’oth or Player’s Guide to Ina’oth to run this adventure, but they will provide some additional details.